This Is Your Opportunity To Invest In Emerging Markets

CryptoFunds is a fund management company with the goal to create a better financial future for clients.

WHAT IS Staking

Putting Your Money Somewhere Safe To Earn You Interest

6 Month Staking
Expected Return 23-27% - Email Support Manager - Private Telegram Group Chat - Monthly updates - Reward system SILVER HODLER
1 Year Staking
Expected Return 47-68% - Email Support Manager - Private Telegram Group Chat - Monthly updates - Reward system GOLDEN HODLER
2 Year Staking
Expected Return 107-137% - Email Support Manager - Private Telegram Group Chat - Monthly updates - Reward system DIAMOND HODLER

Why choose Crypto Funds

Easy To Contact
Contact Us anytime to check on the status of your investments.
At Crypto Funds we strongly believe in the protection of clients money and ability to provide liquidity.
Crypto Funds originated from the management of a few high profile artists, before expanding into a widescale company. We are proud of our reputation.
We provide an elite service and strive to generate the best results. Our motivation to make the highest returns in the market is what seperates us from our competition.

Get Started Staking - The Process

Investing Through Staking

Decide on a staking period.
Step 2
Invest the amount of money you would like to see returns on.
Step 3
Wait until the returns date. End of staking period.
Need Help?
Get in contact with us if you need help with any step in the process, or if you would like to receive advice.
Stay Safe & Keep Track
Make sure you store all your information in a safe place where you will remember by the end of the staking periods.
Once your staking period has ended, reinvesting your money is the best option. Whether through Crypto Funds or outside. Reinvest! Keep earning interest and profits. Goodluck.


Here is a list of our services that help you to understand deeply about us and our operation

Investment System

Market Research


The Leadership Team

Joe Heffernan

Joseph Heffernan

Founder & Portfolio Manager

shayne heffernan

Shayne Heffernan


james neilson

James Neilson

Head of IT

Client Testimonials

​I have many dreams in my life which require a lot of capital but after connecting with Knightsdao I am now able to start much sooner than I ever could have imagined. Excellent service and well educated management!
crypto funds
Brazil Ibrahim
​It was a nice experience and it was my first time trading.
​Bia Sossai
Cryptofunds has boost up my investment. It has giving me a new view on the market and how to invest.
​Aroulen Seeneevasssen